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Antique Jewellery Box in Coromandel with Betjemann Patent 'Automatic' Mechanism, by Howell, James & Co

Ref DL179

Dating from 1872, this antique jewellery box in Coromandel was designed and manufactured by George Betjemann & Sons, innovators of some of the finest and most creative mechanisms in cabinet-making.

This Betjemann Patent mechanism (Patent No.144) operates so that as the lid of the box is raised, the two winged side trays and the front panel automatically open out simultaneously; this action is then reversed as the lid is lowered.

The leather-bound interior is finished with green velvet and silk. Both winged sections contain four small jewellery compartments. The central leather-bound tray can be removed to reveal a lower secondary partitioned tray with a ring/ cuff link channel. With both trays removed, two further small concealed drawers behind become accessible.

The ruched velvet panel in the lid can be sprung forward and reversed to display a brass framed mirror. Removing this panel reveals a leather-bound letter wallet behind.

An engraved brass plate set into the front edge of the drop-front panel bears the retailer's mark of ‘Howell, James & Co, Regent Street, London'.

The mark of 'Betjemann's 144’ and 'Patent 144’ are stamped on the lower hinge mounts of the drop-front panel.

The Bramah lock is fully working and comes with its original Bramah key.
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Width: 34.1 cm / 13.5 inches Depth: 25.5 cm / 10 inches Height: 21.3 cm / 8.5 inches

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