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Antique Jewellery Box in Coromandel with Cantilever Mechanism, by Toulmin & Gale

Ref DL192

Dating from the early 1870’s, this large antique jewellery box in Coromandel is inlaid with recessed brass handles, brass stringing and edging, and an engraved central monogram.

The interior is lined with red velvet and matching moiré silk. The front flap of the box drops forward to allow the two top sections, both with eight partitioned compartments and two ring channels, to swing out at right angles to the box. A large velvet-lined compartment on the lower level becomes accessible. A brass plate to the rear of this compartment is engraved with the manufacturer’s mark of, ‘Toulmin & Gale - 7 New Bond St, London’. Pressing down on this plate releases a spring-loaded drawer below that contains five velvet-lined compartments and a ring channel. The full width rear section of the interior contains a concealed floor panel which, once removed, reveals a secret velvet-lined compartment beneath.

The Bramah lock is fully working and comes with its original key.

It is my great pleasure to have sold this box back to the Toulmin family.
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Width: 37.1 cm / 14.5 inches Depth: 28.3 cm / 11.25 inches Height: 24.5 cm / 9.75 inches

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